Our Story

I have always dreamed of owning a bookstore. Think "You've Got Mail" but so much more. No one is a rush. You can be lazy, laugh, let your imagination run wild and gather patience to take on the rest of your day. I want children to be inspired to pick up a book and be whisked away on a daring adventure. Believe me, my Pinterest board for "My Bookstore" is so much fun and FULL. (Luckily it's virtual otherwise there isn't a wall big enough for all my ideas.) 

I find so much joy in reading great books. I find even greater joy in helping someone else find just the book they need/want. I have made lists of my favorite books and have been reviewing picture books for almost 2 years now (under a few different names). When we moved to MO, I decided to make this book "stuff" a priority and turn my passion into a business. While I haven't taken the bold step of opening a physical bookstore I have started to share my love of books with others by posting reviews and putting together book boxes. It takes time sorting through all the books in libraries and Amazon to find the really special ones. I take that task off your hands and hand pick the best of the best books for your family. 

We have a quarterly subscription box that customers eagerly wait to receive. Wonderful stories, incredible illustrations and fun and interactive activities. The area that has seen the most growth are our Theme and Custom boxes. They are a huge hit! Customers are raving about these which makes sense, hand picked books specifically for their child. So much love and joy goes into each book + activity box that we put together. 

My kids think it's pretty cool too:)

To all my customers, thank you for inviting me to share special moments with your children. Reading together as a family is magical.

Happy Reading to all!

Alexis Hecht